2 minutes ago
Department of Justice ( @DeptJusticeIRL) has put in place a procedure for criminal cases involving a significant volume of disclosure. See details: https://t.co/2kAbgZkB1W https://t.co/FhV34raunh
2 hours ago
Practitioners can now access a central bank of information on easements: https://t.co/KlU2H4Y4y8 https://t.co/edYSavMp7v
4 hours ago
AML is a part of life - and can be tricky with remote or hybrid working.

So join @PurcellJustin and @EJWirl for expert insight at tomorrow's Small Practice Information Session: https://t.co/5da12f7neZ https://t.co/MQFhtcr1nP
22 hours ago
New Solicitors Accounts Regulations come into force from 1 October 2021, and offer important clarity for practitioners on interest charges. See details: https://t.co/oEWacPUz52 https://t.co/AyDiXygJFD
1 day ago
Employers need to be aware of the changing needs of older employees going through ‘the change’, writes Dr Deirdre Lundy in the latest Gazette: https://t.co/mpHGSBYz63 https://t.co/YfoLf57YQR
1 day ago
Over 23 years, the @CalcuttaRun has changed so many lives. Learn about just two of them here: https://t.co/uuwr9gnHmK https://t.co/XyN3Kpfjf0