4 hours ago
The latest member eZine has essential updates on the new Dignity Matters survey, our exciting 2021 MOOC and much more. Access it online at https://t.co/Co2iRCKt6W https://t.co/SWZJd0Rm36
6 hours ago
On Thursday, 22 April, #EarthDay is inviting action to 'Restore Our Earth'. Find out about this growing movement, and virtual events you may find interesting, at https://t.co/TqCYg0S8Vk https://t.co/8VUTuMcvrL
7 hours ago
A new Regulation on transparency in the food chain came into force on 27 March. Gerard James, Alexandra Drummy and Gail Nohilly ( @WilliamFryLaw) explain the essential points: https://t.co/pzl6Q5FPgv https://t.co/FCdMBshKi3
10 hours ago
Practice Direction HC 104 paves the way for the widespread holding of personal injury hearings on a remote platform The latest President's Bulletin explains what you need to know: https://t.co/7xrVzuLcJ2
1 day ago
An American study recently named lawyers as the loneliest professionals. In the latest Gazette, Andy Nazer asks why - and what can be done about it: https://t.co/c8VnLvaRp5 https://t.co/MezrMylXp1
1 day ago
Is your practice client intelligent? Leza Nulty from @insight6CX gave food for thought at our recent Small Practice Information Session, which you can watch in full online: https://t.co/eCoZ3rPN0V

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